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Thread: Server Management Companies

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    Server Management Companies

    I am interested in server management company for outsourcing server management. Here is list I have managed to compile so far, if some one can comment on the listed companies or add to the list, it would be great.
    The companies are listed in alphabetic order.

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    You can also add to the list
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    Quote Originally Posted by Centaurus View Post
    You can also add to the list
    They seems highly expensive for outsourcing. While rest of people are providing service @ around $50 on the average, serveradminz are talking of $600. May be they can get some corporates who are not aware of other suitable options. However, the cost is not at all anywhere near the suitable one for a web hosting service provider.

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    $600 is for their dedicated support staff. From what I see, their per hour server administration is about $25, which is not too high from what we see normally. What do you think?
    APC Hosting

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    from the listing rack911 will be the choice
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