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Thread: What is the Standard logo price?

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    What is the Standard logo price?

    Hi Graphic Experts,

    I am new in this site and want to increase and share my knowledge with the user of this site.
    I want to know about the logo like standard size and prices of logo.If any one have information about it please reply to this post.


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    Hi Shipra,

    We've had a few logo's made up for some clients and have used various people. Often we've found that prices vary between quality, number of mock-ups/designs presented and the number of change requests you can have. We've paid prices for clients varying from $40 through to $250, depending on the clients request.

    As we've used a few, I'm hesitant to recommend any as we've used them specifically for certain projects, so we can't give a universal reference. I'm not sure what the policy is about outbound links in these forums, though searching for 'custom logo design' in google might present you with some options.
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    I think Standard logo price $100 to $250.

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    the standard logo price is $450

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    The price also depends on the complexity of the design and the timeframe to get it done

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