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Thread: Accounting for web hosting companies

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    Accounting for web hosting companies


    What software do you guys use to do accounting or book keeping for a hosting company? What are some recommendations?
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    Web hosting companies have lots of customers with recurring invoices.
    A hosting service is a subscription based service.This means that these companies need to send a lot of invoices to their customers each month. kreidler | kreidler ersatzteile | kreidler teile

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    I think this leads to something like WHMCS, Clientexe and many similar others which combine support tickets management with billing.

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    WHMCS is not really an accounting software, but it is good enough to help most web hosting company to get started with!
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    You are right jackson. WHMCS does not cater for or replaces a complete account software. WHMCS takes care of most part of the customer billing / invoicing, it does not have provision for internal accounts of a company.

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    There are many accounting softwares nowadays, both online and offline.

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    are you refer to offline accounting software
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